My name is Oré Oluwole and I am a senior public relations major graduating with leadership distinction in global learning. Being at the University of South Carolina, there are so many places to learn, explore and lead. I have had several key experiences where I was able to do all this and more.


This portfolios shows the experiences that lead me along the path of global learning. Those experiences are with living and working at the International House at Maxcy College and studying abroad in Germany and Australia. Along the way, I have taken some key classes that prepared me for these international endeavors. This portfolio shows my journey through all of these experiences.


The next few pages of my e-portfolio consists of three Key Insights that I have learned at the University of South Carolina. I reflect on some of the most influential learning experiences in college. These insights describe how my experienes within and outside of the classroom have shaped the way I think and the way I conduct myself as leader.

After my Key Insights, you will find my Leadership section. This section describes how I propose to incorporate the leadership skills and global experienes from college into the public relations workforce.

“A mind that is stretched by a new experience can never go back to its old dimensions.”

– Oliver Wendell Holmes

Profile video by University of South Carolina Admissions Office. In this video I disccuss the experience studying abroad in Australia.